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Memoirs of an Amateur Planeswalker #1: Avacyn Restored Pre-Release

(This highly irregular series will address my highly irrational obsession with pretty little collectible cards and the oft-confusing, oft-frustrating games I play with them.)  This weekend, I took a quick trip out to my nearest comic shop to take in their pre-release Sealed tournament for Avacyn Restored (AVR), the upcoming expansion for tabletop card game Magic: The …

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LongLiveRetro #1: Shaking Off the Rust

Really an excuse to test my DVD recorder in advance of the Castlevania 2 post. So click to watch: Super Mario Bros. Playthrough!

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So an ex-pat and a dragon walk into a bar…

Hey, everyone! I still don’t quite know what Kash’s angle is, inviting me here to open a new blog and all, but I’m happy to be aboard! I’ll be posting various gaming, technology and pop-culture stories I think are worth sharing. All the news that’s fit to print? Hardly. But I’ll keep writing as long …

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