Movie Review: Lucy

The synopsis had me expecting a fun, action-packed feministic superhero movie, which I would have enjoyed very much. Call me superficial for saying so! However, it turned out to be a disturbing existential film which preached macro-evolution (which is largely unsupported) and in which the entire storyline was based upon the fallacy that humans only use 10% of their brains (recent research has shown pretty much most of our brain capacity is active).

The ending was also very unsatisfactory, but I won’t give it away in case you want to see it. However, it was very artistically filmed, and had some great shots of Taipei 101, which anyone who knows me know I would enjoy. It offers some beautiful CGI renderings of cell reproduction and the “beginning of the universe” and timely insertions of wildlife shots, like something out of National Geographic.

Morgan Freeman is a big bonus, as always, and there are some phenomenal action scenes involving car chases and explosions. Scarlett Johansson seems an unlikely heroine but I sensed this was the point of casting her into such a role.

The overall theme of the movie, “Make the best use of your time” was a little trite and basic for a film which explored the questions of the meaning of our existence and what happens to us when we die, etc.

I also thought it was strange that the writer’s conception of super-intelligence (i.e. growing brain capacity) was equated with lack of human qualities such as feeling, emotion, pain and desire and related to absently staring off instead of actively focusing on who’s talking to you. The more Lucy’s brain capacity grew, the more vegetative she appeared, which seems contradictory in my opinion.

In the end, I left the theatre wondering why Luc Besson took the angle he did on the science front with what could have been an amazing film. I’m a sci-fi fan, but suspension of disbelief was destroyed by the aforementioned faults, and prevented me from enjoying the movie as much as I wanted to. I left wishing I had gone to see Hercules instead – at least I would have received what it advertised, cheesiness and all! Overall, 2.5 out of 5 stars.


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