Aye for India

Losing my job a little over a year ago was one of the best things that could have happened to me. It resulted in me changing outlooks, gaining perspective, making new friends, and flying half way around the world to do so.

The department I was with was outsourced to India. Shortly after we were informed, we were asked who would be interested in spending time in India with the new team. Without a second thought, I volunteered, not thinking that anything would come of it. About a month later, on my birthday, I found myself at Cochin International airport, closer to the last country I had lived in than the one I had just left. Happy Birthday to me! If only I had someone to share the moment with. A driver would do.

After two hours, the company driver had not made an appearance, the novelty of the airport was wearing off, and jet lag was beginning to take hold.  Doubt and confusion set in like the fog that usually covers St. John’s. I was in a foreign land, exhausted, alone, and stood up, apparently. A similar scene from the Movie Outsourced now comes to mind.

A narrow alley in Fort Kochi

A narrow alley in Fort Kochi

Through the miracle of per diem, I did make it to the hotel. The drive was a blur of mopeds, cars, busses, cattle and goats.

After a lightning-fast check-in, I rushed to the room. I requested a wake-up call for the early afternoon, but the front-desk seemed to have trouble understanding why anyone would need to be woken at that time. When an unenthusiastic agreement to wake me was finally reached, it was time to get some much-needed rest.  I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

About two hours later, my siesta came to an abrupt end. A very persistent hotel staff insisted on cleaning the room.  I had only been in there two hours. How messy did they think I was?

Downtown Kochi

Downtown Kochi

The kamikaze cabbie who had been missing in action earlier did arrive to bring me to the office. As it turned out, he was at the airport, but was waiting for the wrong flight, from the wrong country, at the wrong time. Evidently, on the welcome sign that was prepared for my arrival, they had spelled my name correctly. One out of four. At least he had a quarter of the task completed.

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