Antivirus Overdose

“Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.” – Martha Moody, Best Friends

To fight the common cold, using every available drug known to man is probably not recommended. Similarly, if you are concerned about computer viruses, downloading every antivirus program you can find is not advisable. Sadly, I speak from experience.

After overdosing my computer with virus removal tools and anti-malware programs, my mechanical friend couldn’t even muster up enough strength to show me a blue screen of death. It remained in a zombie-like state, threatening to consume unsuspecting electronic devices. I quickly moved it into quarantine.
A lot of research, prayer and coffee led me to an answer: boot up from the Windows Restore Disk. Great … but I don’t have one of those. My computer came with an operating system preloaded. It came without any disks. More digging was required.
NeoSmart Technologies advise that the ISO image of the Recovery Disk can be downloaded, but at a price. But, this great site has a more wallet-friendly solution.
Once the ISO file has been downloaded, it must be burned to a CD or DVD by a special program to enable it to be used as a boot disk.
For some reason, my computer didn’t automatically boot from the CD. I had to enter BIOS to enable the boot menu. With that enabled, I activated the boot menu on the next reboot and, with the disk inserted, had the computer boot from the CD.
Without backup disks to turn to, I opted for restoring to the last available restore point. Fortunately, this resolved the issue, bringing the computer back to life by removing my latest download: an anti-malware tool that proved more fatal to the computer than any virus I have yet encountered.
What I’ve learned from the whole ordeal is this:
  1.  Don’t use more than one anti-virus program at a time. If you do, they will fight over control of your computer like a pair of toddlers fighting over a toy.
  2.  Be sure to back up your data regularly. Invest in an external hard drive if necessary. Depending on your operating system, a preinstalled ‘Backup and Restore’ program may be available to you.
  3. If you don’t have your operating system disks, look into creating a restore disk. Backup partitions may not always be enough.

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