A Joyful Noise

But Jesus answered, “If they keep quiet, these stones will start shouting.” – Luke 19:40

What is that horrible noise? After taking a seat on the bus this afternoon, my ears were attacked by what some might call singing. Out of morbid curiosity, I looked around for the source. What I found was an individual who was putting as much effort into dancing as he was into his singing. It looked like he was auditioning for Canadian Idol and So You Think You Can Dance Canada at the same time! Sitting on the bus, I assumed the role of Simon Cowell. I was annoyed by my lack of a buzzer.

The would-be contestant quickly became quite the conversation piece on the bus. Many seemed offended. The bus drivers who were outside chatting seemed very upset. I convinced myself that the singer/dancer was a few instruments short of a symphony. But then I actually listened to what he was singing.

The words he was singing, as out of tune as they were, belonged to a song of praise. He was putting so much energy into praising my God, and I was sitting there mentally ridiculing him for it.

“I will still be more lightly esteemed than this, and will humble and lower myself in my own sight [and yours]” – 2 Samual 6:22a (Amplified)

I felt terrible for thinking those judgemental thoughts. The words he sang were a healing balm on a hurting world. Words like this need to be taken to heart, not cast aside.

Perhaps worse than noise pollution is a contamination of the mind – a smog of judgement that clouds our vision. Please don’t make my mistake: Don’t judge too quickly or too harshly.


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