Cute Enough to Eat

Following  a late lunch, the Missus and I visited our local pet store. The small shop was swarming with people trying to get a glimpse of three cute kittens. After finally seeing what all the fuss was about, and realising that the store carried more than adorable kittens, we ventured further … and discovered this:

Oven Baked Cat & Dog. Ask for a Free Sample

Giving pet food a whole new meaning, this pet store apparently does catering…

After carefully re-reading the sign, I realised that the store had no dogs … or at least no longer had any. My mind filled with questions as quickly as a plate at a buffet is filled with food. When people commented that the kittens were cute enough to eat, what exactly did they mean? Did the hot dog I had for lunch live up to its name?  Does Asia no longer have the monopoly on questionable food?

As my complexion matched that of the bearded dragon on display, I decided to find the exit as soon as possible. The Missus and I had to check on our cats. Who knew what the cat burglars might have stolen – or eaten – in our absence…


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