To blog or not to blog…

To blog or not to blog, that is the question. Ok, I’ll admit it, Shakespeare would be turning in his grave right about now at that statement and if he were here, running at me with a pitchfork, a flaming torch and yelling, “Wherefore art thee fiend, show thyself or thou shalt forever be condemned to walk the eternal footpath of shame!”

Who hasn’t tried blogging? Raise your hand. Ok, granted, not all of us have tried this for a multitude of reasons, some are not tech savvy, some are not interested and others just don’t have anything to share or want to share anything or like me, tried and tried and tried. I on the other hand, have loads to share. 1) living in Taiwan (not Thailand) brings about all sorts of interesting stories like learning Chinese  where if you don’t get the tone right (there are 5) you could walk into a store and order anything from a French kiss to a vagina, when all you were really trying to say is, “excuse me, may I have soy milk please.” There’s no escaping this eventuality so after 5 years, you can understand why I still prefer to phone a friend and save myself any undue embarrassment, though I’ll admit this is a terrible excuse, learning Chinese really should be on my “to do” list as how can you live somewhere for this long without any communication skills? Ah yes, charades, patience and a speed dial button to an even more patient Taiwanese (not Thai) friend. “Dui bu chi, wo de zhongwun bu hao.” 

Taiwan, the jewel of the far east, the heart of Asia or any other line you can think of, where road rules are a suggestion, helmets are unnecessary because  they’re too hot or heavy and actually, the other vehicle doesn’t hit you it hits the motorcycle/scooter or my personal favorite, “if you see a policeman, close your eyes, if you cant see him, he cant see you,” blowing your hooter to run a red light is the norm, anything with four legs (or no legs for that matter) is eaten except the dining room table, you can buy almost anything 24hrs a day, people spit, snort and burp as per usual, kids stare at the “waigoran” like we’ve fallen out of the latest sci-fi magazine, the contents of your shopping cart are inspected and if somebody hears you speaking English, they’ll eavesdrop just to see how much of your conversation they understand, and they won’t do it discretely either. And then there is the expat community, in my opinion, a culture within a culture. Where the rules of the game change from west to east, where things you’d be fired for in your home country, you believe you’ll get away with here and you have no concerns or shame for that matter, to blatantly do.

This is the point where I am going to insert a disclaimer, “Management of this blog would like to point out that not all information applies to all people, post-it-note it where you please and should you feel offended or insulted then I will most probably assume that it in someway applies to you and/or a friend.”

I’ve lost count of the number of Taiwanese that calmly come over to me and ask if this is how we are in our home country, do we dress like this, act like that, would our home country allow such things, why does Taiwan? I’d like to let my adopted country know that I cannot speak for others and no, we wouldn’t get away with such things in the west but (re-read disclaimer) many expats enter Taiwan with a God like delusion, I’ve even being told by a north American that the education system of Taiwan would completely collapse without him (them)…say what?? It didn’t collapse before you, how will it do so without you? Ah yes, the land where waking up and rolling through your laundry basket hoping the right clothes stick to you is acceptable, odd socks is “cool,” greasy hair is not a Chinglish misspelling on a menu and the worst of the worst, sloppy, lazy work standards. Things that really grate my cheese.

Before this turns into a rant, lets change the subject. Yes, I do have a lot to write about, my travel adventures aroundTaiwan, my sporting adventures (those are very limited at the moment) and other personal challenges. So in the end, the question really is, to blog or not to blog???



  1. Blog more. Rants are great for reading!
    And it sounds like you miss Taiwan 😦

    • Taiwan is a special place. I, for one, miss Taiwan, and the friends I made there. The place and the people absolutely “touched my heart”.


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