I’ll have a Thousand Wings to Go, Please!

Until recently, the strangest English menus I’d ever seen were made in Taiwan. This is probably because English is not one of its official languages. Here in Newfoundland, Canada, that excuse does not hold up. But then again, Wing ‘n it gets my vote as producer of the craziest menu not because of typos or mis-translations, but because of its creativity and unconventionality.

The menu starts off tame, with beverages and appetizers. But after that, it defies imagination, and to a point, logic.

Here are the available portions on offer:

Wings available in various portions ranging from ten to a thousand!

Wing ‘n it Menu – Available Portions

I wonder how many orders they’ve had for One Grand. I’d be very interested to see how they are brought to the table.

Two waitresses holding one thousand chicken wings

How I think the one thousand wings are brought to the table…

The wings are available in just about every conceivable flavour – and each flavour has an inventive name attached to it. Some of my personal favourites are: A-Bomb, Friendly Fire, Fireball, Helmet Fire, Squaking, Sweet Baby Gezuz, Double Ugly, Bear in the Air, The Red Eye, and Gut Bomb.

A word of advice: if you prefer to avoid hot and spicy food, steer clear of anything on the menu which has more than three stars.

If you’re a wing connoisseur and you find yourself in the St. John’s area, I strongly recommend that you head down to Wing ‘n it. Great food, fast and friendly service, and a creatively comprehensive  menu add up to awesomesause in my book.

For directions to this St. John‘s restaurant, see the map below.



  1. That’s clucked up.

    • LOL 🙂

  2. scintillatebrightly

    Sounds like BW3 in the States. But possibly with more flavors which is awesome.

    • If I ever visit the States, I’ll be sure to look up BW3. I’m a huge wing fan.

      • scintillatebrightly

        Its actually called Buffalo Wild Wings, but Bdubs or BW3 for short. They’re a chain so they might have them in Canada.

        I love love love chicken wings, and that place is my favorite sports restaurant.

        • Sure enough, they do have branches in Canada, but not in Newfoundland 😦 Will definitely look out for them when I’m on the mainland. All this talk of wings is making me hungry. Any idea what I’m having for lunch? 😀

          • scintillatebrightly

            Just a guess here….chicken wings?

          • Haha, yes!

  3. I know what’s for dinner tonight!

    • You said it! 🙂

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