Cross about a Cross

“They paved paradise and put up a parking’ lot” – Joni Mitchell, Big Yellow Taxi

Parking may not be a problem in paradise, but it is in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Most parking spaces have meters, or are reserved for permit holders. ‘No Parking’ signs are not uncommon, but I was disturbed by one I saw this afternoon.

Walking down a very beautiful street, I passed by a couple of churches. Near the sidewalk stood a wooden cross – a reminder of the price Jesus paid for us and a representation of the cornerstone of the Christian faith.

Wooden cross outside a church

I was horrified to see what was done to the front of the cross.

Cross used as a 'No Parking' sign

Perhaps I am being over-sensitive, but this just seemed wrong to me. Why put a “No Parking” sign on a cross? Didn’t Jesus die on the cross to save all mankind? Why use the cross to chase people off the property?

Just to clarify, I have nothing against any church, and this is not an attempt to discourage anyone from joining one. I have gained a great deal from the churches I’ve attended over the years. Churches, by God’s Grace, have great potential to positively influence the lives of those that attend as well as the communities in which they operate. Many provide spiritual, and even physical food for those in need. If you haven’t been to a church, don’t be afraid to go. If this post has offended you, I apologize. But don’t get cross – go to the cross!



  1. “RESERVED – Saviours Only”

    • Kash

      LOL 🙂

    • Kash

      Actually, maybe that was the message the church was trying to get across: “Don’t park here [on the cross] – Jesus already did, and He did it for you!”

  2. If the “No parking” is being crucified, does that mean it’s all right to park there?

    • Kash

      Haha, maybe!

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