Kitchen Chronicles

Living with complete strangers isn’t easy. At first, I worried about overstepping some boundary by using the communal areas at inappropriate times. To avoid offending anyone, would I retreat to my room. Now that I have begun settling in, I still spend most of my time in my room. Not because I am a recluse (which is partially true), but because the communal areas scare me.

This morning, the kettle was hidden behind a mountain of dirty dishes, a plateau of take-out containers and a sea of crumbs dotted with islands of uncooked instant noodles. With this exotic, uncharted landscape in front of me, my Spidey Cleaning sense when crazy! This was an emergency – this mess had to be dealt with stat! As soon as I had finished breakfast, I would prepare for Kitchen Kombat.

Messy Kitchen

With tea in hand, I headed to where the dining table had been yesterday. I didn’t see it at first because it was covered with garbage in various stages of evolution. After clearing the table, I noticed something very wrong with the sofa. It was creaking … and snoring … Kitchen Kombat would have to wait.

After exploring the outside world, I returned for lunch. I was starving, but with no clean pots, pans or plates available, cleaning would have to come before cooking. At first, I was a little reluctant to do all the dishes, clean the counters, and empty the garbage can. After all, I hadn’t contributed to this celebration of filth. But there was no way I was going to try and prepare a meal with the kitchen in that state.

Perhaps I should confront someone about it, but this isn’t my kitchen – I am merely a guest here. Plus, I avoid confrontation wherever possible. The house-mates are good people, albeit a little on the untidy side. Being in a city I don’t know without my significant other is difficult enough. I wouldn’t want to make my time here more uncomfortable with unnecessary confrontation. But perhaps it’s just easier to pick up a dish cloth than it is to pick a fight.



  1. Better to have projects to keep your mind off things than start a fuss and make your living situation even MORE uncomfortable. I’ve got five years’ experience in dealing with messy roommates – it doesn’t get easier, I’m afraid. XD

    • Kash

      With that, I retreat to “The Room”. Hey, that gives me an idea for a movie. I wonder is Tommy Wiseau would be interested. Oh, wait…

  2. Brilliant 🙂

    Teach those savages a lesson in cleanliness honey!

    • Kash

      I know, do they think they’re African or something? It’s MY job to be African or something!

  3. Bummer situation any way you look at it. I hate cleaning up other people’s messes.

    • Kash

      In a turn of events, one of the guys attacked the dishes tonight! Here’s hoping there will be clean dishes for breakfast tomorrow XD

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