Hamster Cat

Vets, internet gurus, and various feline experts offer a lot of advice – most of it suggesting that cats don’t like change.  It’s been suggested that if you want to move a litter box to another room, move it an inch a day. If you’re going to change their food or type of litter, do it gradually. I don’t entirely follow the logic behind the slothful moving of the litter box, unless it came from “The Procrastinator’s Guide to Pet Care”, but the advice about slowly introducing a different type of litter may be valid. Either that or our cat is experiencing yet another identity crisis…

The Missus and I used to buy crystal litter for our two crazy critters. With the local supermarket no longer stocking it, we were forced to try something else. With limited options, we bought the cheapest litter we could find. And like most pre-election promises, it was “certified safe to flush”.

Pouring the new litter into the tray, it looked like sand – the same kind of sand that our hamsters used to bath in. Was this stuff incorrectly packaged? Super Cat sceptically set a paw into the foreign terrain. Then he climbed in, and pressed down with his front paws. He started digging. ‘Okay, he’s getting used to the feel of it’, we thought. Twenty minutes later, he was still in the litter box, rolling around. He was having a sand bath!

Cat having a sand bath in litter box

Super Cat enjoying his sand bath...

Cat having sand bath in litter box

"A little privacy, please! Can't you see I'm in the middle of a bath?"

The novelty would wear off after a few hours, wouldn’t it? Apparently not. The next morning there was litter everywhere – not just in the room where the litter box was kept, but all over the apartment. From the living room floor to the couch to the kitchen, every room took on a beach-like quality, but we were not inclined to build sand-castles.

Despite our robotic vacuum’s best efforts to tidy up after the sand storm, we need a different litter solution. And once again, we will defy the experts. But at least not without reason this time. Hopefully, with a different type of litter, Super Cat will start to act more like his feline self, and less like a hamster. A giant hamster wheel just wouldn’t go with our living room furniture.



  1. Good luck with that! 😉

    • Kash

      Thanks – we’ll need it 😀

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