Psalm 119 and Oil of Oregano

Help sometimes comes in unexpected forms – and unimaginable flavours! At least that was the case last week. While visiting a friend, we received some good advice – the kind of advice that was not only encouraging, but also had a good after-taste, as hard as it was to swallow.

While we were chatting, the Missus noticed that my face I was a little red. My throat had been scratchy since the day before. Our friend had a solution. “But you have to take it now, otherwise it won’t work.” The solution: oil of oregano. Just a little, kept under the tongue for about two minutes. Keep your tongue as far from it as possible.

At first, it was fine. I love cooking with oregano. Having the oil in my mouth filled my head with thoughts of spaghetti, pizza and cottage pie. But then the oil lashed out. About five seconds in, it felt like my mouth was filled with lava! “Okay, two minutes.”

The longest two minutes of my life! It even seemed to grow hotter by the second. I could feel steam escaping from my ears. My internal fire alarm was activated, and my tear ducts became sprinklers.

“Now swish it around your mouth, and swallow.”

As I moved the molten lava around my mouth, my gums and tongue caught fire. Swallowing oil of oregano is about as easy as swallowing political propaganda, but a lot more beneficial. Within minutes, my throat was soothed. Plus, I loved the after-taste, which tasted more like thyme than oregano.

Before we left, complementing the advice he had given us earlier, our friend challenged us to read Psalm 119 daily. Many of the psalms are short – some only six verses. Psalm 119 is one hundred and seventy-six verses. Daily reading would be a challenge, but I don’t doubt that it, too, will be helpful.

The next afternoon, despite the great weather, an excruciating headache kept me in bed. I tried going online, but after about twenty minutes, the laptop screen was to my eyes what a magnifying glass is to ants – all kinds of unpleasantness! I shut down the instrument of torture. Because I struggle to sleep during the day, I just lay idly for a while. Then the Psalm 119 challenge came to mind. I grabbed a Bible and started reading.

Being the longest chapter in the Bible, getting through the entire psalm did not exactly take two minutes. Parts of it were hard to swallow because they challenged behaviours I had overlooked. But by the end of the Psalm [Spoiler Alert], I was reminded that although I am a lost sheep, Jesus is the shepherd, and He is looking for me, ready to forgive, just as he is ready to forgive all that seek Him.

The best advice is often the hardest to digest, but has the sweetest after-taste for those who are able to gulp it down. Putting the advice into action may be like swallowing a tablespoon of oil of oregano, but sometimes, short-term discomfort can lead to long-term benefits.

What is the best advice you’ve received? Were you able to swallow it?



  1. Wherever you can find that inspiration to go forward, I’m all for it.

    (The oil thing reminds me of the “cinnamon challenge”, which is actually nothing like it and highly dangerous and omgplzdon’t.)

    • Kash

      (You mean I need to remove the “Cinnamon Challenge” from my bucket list?? :D)

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