Parking Fine or Fine Parking

Decisions, decisions! Yesterday afternoon, I intended to go to the mall, quickly pick up a few things, and leave. But with a gazilion variations of the products I was after, provided by every manufacturer known to man, the only thing that happened “quickly” was me becoming frustrated. Too many choices – could not compute! As I was leaving the mall, I was faced with another dilemma…

Parked right there in the fire lane stood this truck. Actually, it wasn’t entirely in the fire lane. One and a half tires were on the curb. The vehicle was also facing the wrong direction, implying that the driver had been driving on the wrong side of the road.

It occurred to me that maybe I should notify the authorities. After all, for once, I did have my phone on me. But then I thought, “Do I really want to be like that kid at school who is always running to the teacher?” Plus, I did not know who to notify, anyway. I ended up not reporting it, but I did snap a few pictures.

The tire on the left is half on the curb

Look at the tire on the left...

Illegally parked truck - parked in the fire lane

With a multitude of decisions to be made each day, we are all likely to make a mistake at some point, be it a product purchase, a moral judgement, or what to have for lunch.  With that said, I’m hungry. But what should I have?

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  1. Tough one. Was it a company car of some sorts? Those always seem to be taking liberties … still, rules apply to everyone and are there for a reason. (says the one who hasn’t even had her licence for half a year yet hehe)

    • Kash

      Now that you mention it, it was a company car. I’m kicking myself now for not getting a side-on picture with the company branding on the driver’s side door. But yes, you are quite right, rules are rules

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