Richard Branson’s Rugby Team

A jest’s prosperity lies in the ear
Of him that hears it, never in the tongue
Of him that makes it.” – William Shakespeare, Love’s Labour’s Lost (V. ii. )

Some years ago on April first, a South African DJ announced to his listeners that Richard Branson had bought the nation’s beloved rugby team. The DJ went on to explain that the team would be renamed “The Virgins”, and that the traditional gold and green worn by the team would change to white. All morning, listeners called in, very upset by the news.

“You can’t call them ‘The Virgins’! It’s just not a good name for a rugby team!”

The DJ replied that the name change was good marketing for Branson’s Virgin Group of Companies and that the team’s new colour was complementary. This explanation did not satisfy the listeners. Only after one caller realized that it was an April Fool’s joke were the masses calmed.

Below: Leon Schuster’s Waitress Prank

What is the best April Fools’ prank you’ve heard of? Share it in a comment below!


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