UFC Personal Trainer: The Ultimate Patience Tester

What makes the perfect anniversary gift? It should be fun, practical, and something we could both use. That’s how I decided on UFC Personal Trainer. Aren’t I romantic?

Picking out the game was easy. The missus loves working out, doing aerobics and jogging, but with nine feet of snow on the ground, the gym isn’t always accessible. Neither is the sidewalk. As for game console exercise titles, the toy department at our local Walmart had a limited selection. UFC Trainer was the natural choice.

With the software title picked out, I had to select a game console. UFC Trainer TV spots featured the XBox 360, but at the time of purchase, Nintendo Wii was on sale. It included a multitude of freebees, including Mario Kart, which sweetened the deal.

With the anniversary some days away, I had to carefully hide the Wii, its extra controller and UFC Trainer. We have a very small apartment, so hiding places are as hard to find as hair on Kevin O’Leary’s head. But find a hiding spot I did!

Finally, it was our anniversary. I disassembled our apartment to retrieve the hidden treasure. It was a hit! The missus was impressed. I immediately busied myself with setting up the console. I was expecting to get wrapped up in cables (the last video game system I’d set up was a Terminator 2, a hardware clone of the NES), but I was pleasantly surprised. Within a fairly short time, everything was set up, waiting for the first encounter with UFC Trainer.

UFC Trainer offers impressive exercise programs, and even allows the user to customise their workout and choose a trainer. A great game and workout experience – at least for the first five minutes. Shortly after starting a workout session, UFC Trainer crashed. The last five seconds of normal in-game sound looped, the console froze up (not even the reset button worked) and the only way to resume normal console operation was by unplugging the power cable and reconnecting it.

Mario Kart did not have this issue, so I rushed UFC Trainer back to Walmart, who gladly replaced it for me. Sadly, this did not resolve the issue, and neither did the second replacement. On the up-side, I did get to spend some quality time with Walmart’s Customer Service Reps.

Curious as to why replacement copies were not resolving the issue, I turned to Uncle Google. According to the forum, many people experienced this issue with the Wii release of UFC Trainer. Turning off Wii’s internet connection helped some, but not us. Completely frustrated with our futile attempts at using UFC Trainer, I returned it to Walmart for the third time. Walmart gave me a full refund.

Although I bought the Wii with the intention of it supporting the Ultimate Anniverary Gift, the console itself proved to be a worthy stand-in. We grieve the loss of UFC Trainer, but with Netflix, Just Dance 2, and a host of Nintendo Selects, we are easily comforted.




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