Retreat of the Trick-or-treaters

“Buy lots of candy!” the masses told us. “Hordes (that’s plural – it must mean a lot) of Trick-or-treaters are headed your way!” we were warned. “Your car and apartment will be pelted with eggs and dog sh…erbet if you can’t give decent snacks to the sugar-dependent whippersnappers!” the seniors advised. So out we went and stocked up on the sweet stuff. And did so with great taste, I might add!

But all the prophets turned out to be false. Judging from the information presented to us by the knowledgeable public, we were being sensible by filling our apartment with candy. We were expecting at least 40 costume-clad Trick-or-treaters. We had slightly less than we had planned for.

What went wrong? We had bought the candies. We were prepared! Why didn’t they come? The weather was pretty good. Although, there was a bit of snow the day before, and the roads were kind of messy. Plus, there was still that lingering chill.

Okay, so the weather didn’t play along. It’s not like our house wasn’t visible to those who did brave the cold! Except that we forgot to get that outside light fixed in the few summer months we had. And we had the drapes closed for part of the evening. We may have also neglected to decorate for Halloween…

Perhaps lighting was a bit of an issue, but in the faint light that must have been visible from the windows, did the house not look inviting? But maybe a slosh-covered gravel driveway up a pretty steep hill is only inviting when you’re in a car, or a Batmobile.

Okay, okay, so we weren’t quite prepared for our first Halloween in the city. But our neighbours were. They even built a really impressive mini-haunted house on their porch. Too bad Old Man Winter didn’t approve of it.

As we sit in our apartment up on the foreboding hill, completely invisible to the outside world, our failure to prepare for All-Hallows-Even surrounds us, as does that well-selected candy. Two words immediately come to mind: snack time!

*   *   *

Can you guess how many Trick-or-treaters we had? The closest guess wins a FarmVille giftable item worth up to 30 Farm Cash. To enter, leave your guess in a comment below. Good luck!



  1. 4

    Gimme the farm cash!

    • Gail Force, 4 is correct! Thank you for participating in the competition. Please inbox me (via facebook) as to your choice of gift, and I will send the gift. Remember – anything up to 30 FarmCash 🙂

  2. Totally composed written content material , thanks for details .


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