Good Call?

A percentage of all calls made to and from call centres are recorded. These recorded calls are then picked apart according to the contract’s requirements. For quality assurance purposes, a Score Sheet is used. These will vary from contract to contract. The one I became familiar with looked something like this:

Category Description Marks
Call Opening and Company Branding Was the agent able to recall the company name, and thank the caller for giving them something to do?


Statement of Willingness Was the agent able to lie convincingly about how excited they are to resolve the customer’s problems?


Build rapport How many inappropriate questions was the agent able to squeeze into the call?


Show Empathy sympathy Did the agent find something to apologize for? If there was nothing to apologize for, did the agent apologize for that?


Issue Resolution Could the agent fix what was broken, or did the agent break what was fixed?


Discovery Questions Was the agent able to harass the caller with at least one invasive question in an attempt to sell something?


Pitching Product Did the agent identify inferior services that the customer was not yet subscribed to? Did they sign them up?


Closing Testing the agent’s long-term memory: Did the agent still recall the company name?


Unfortunately, it is possible for an agent to score very well on a call without actually being able to assist a customer. This is not necessarily the agent’s fault, either. Here is an abridgment of an actual call:

Customer:  A technician was scheduled to install my TV and internet this morning. No-one                      showed up.
Agent:         I’m sorry to hear that. I’d be happy to look into that for you.
[some time later]
Agent:         Thank you for holding. Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication, the order                          never reached our technicians, and because we have so many installations                              scheduled, we will only be able to install your services in two week’s time.
Customer: Two week’s time! (short pause) Fine! Whatever!
Agent:         But I do see that you haven’t yet ordered our home phone service. Do you                              already have home phone service through another provider?
Customer:  What? No? Why?
Agent:         Would you be interested in adding home phone service to your order today?                         (with the mic off) This way, we can further delay the installation of your                                   service.
Customer hung up. I wonder why? The call was going so well.

Perhaps this score sheet will help you understand why when you phone in to report an issue, the agent tries to sell you something else you don’t really need. Has this ever happened to you?



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